Customer Story: Authlogics

October 1st 2019

Authlogics is a password security company and have been based at our centre for over 4 years. We sat down with them and learnt a little bit more about their company and why they love being based here!

How did you start your company?

The company was started by myself and Phillip Nicklos with the aim of making logon into systems easier. We had both had a background in IT security and had worked together for many years prior on other ventures.

What are you working on at the moment?

We are currently working on expanding our password security offering which helps companies, who are still primarily using passwords, keep them safe by ensuring that existing and new passwords have not been breached or shared with other people in the business. These steps are critical for compliance, auditing and accountability reasons.

What do you like about Bracknell Enterprise & Innovation Hub?

Having been in other “big brand” serviced offices previously we have found the Bracknell Enterprise & Innovation Hub to be a breath of fresh air. Shelly and the team are always willing to help and are very accommodating when we need something. They are all well experienced and many of them have been around for a long time which provides great continuity and confidence that things will get done right. The location has also been convenient for staff to travel to and being on a London direct line is also very useful.

What projects/ambitions do you have for the future of your company?

We have some ambitious expansion plans for the next 12 months and we intend to grow into the USA and UAE over that time. The UK will remain HQ and we will increase our headcount as needed within the centre as they offer flexible spaces and are happy to work with us.

March 4th 2020

Customer Story: Cegos UK Ltd

We Interviewed Sharon Wiggins from Cegos. Cegos are a training company, they are truly global – with 50 offices around the world, they have more than 90 years’ training experience. Watch their video to find out more!

October 14th 2019

Customer Story: Henry and Jobs UK Ltd

Henry and Jobs supply and distribute high quality specialist materials for both small and large projects within the UK. They focus on the provision of luxury mineral paints which have been carefully sourced and diligently supplied with the addition of recommended workforce to attribute towards the application process. Their specialist products can be used in projects involving architectural design finishes, landscaping and waterproofing.

October 14th 2019

Customer Story: Transsnet Payment Limited

Transsnet Payment Limited is a payments company based in a number of African countries. In a lot of places, traditional banking is not well developed and people use their mobile phones as a means of paying bills, sending money and we develop and provide those services to our African businesses.