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Case Studies
October 1st 2019

Customer Story: Authlogics

Authlogics is a password security company and have been based at our centre for over 4 years. We sat down with them and learnt a little bit more about their company and why they love being based here!

October 11th 2018

Customer Story: LimeDB

LimeDB Ltd are innovating computer software development support. They are always friendly and happy to help and it has been a pleasure to spend some time with them.

September 6th 2018

Customer Story; Xais Asset Management Ltd

Xais Asset Management Ltd has been trading since 2015 and has developed its own leading edge asset management system. We enjoyed learning about their company!

March 2nd 2017

HindeSite & 1World Xzibitz

How Jane Hinde, Australian businesswoman, has become an inspiration to anyone looking to start-up their own business[…]

February 20th 2017

Engage Convert

How a cutting edge design and marketing consultancy set-up shop at Bracknell Enterprise & Innovation Hub[…]

September 14th 2016


How two electronics engineers co-founded a business at Bracknell Enterprise & Innovation Hub[…]