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Inspiring Office Space – Helping to Transform Telecare Technology

July 11th 2022

Telecare market leader, Appello, are approaching their one year anniversary of being based at Bracknell Enterprise and Innovation Hub, where their technical development team are developing a new digital platform for the industry.

With over 30 years’ experience in the telecare and Technology Enabled Care (TEC) market, Appello combines two core business elements by developing tech that assists people to live independently in their own home or a communal setting by pressing a button to get help, as well as overseeing monitoring centres that arrange the requested emergency assistance.

Head of Marketing, Iain Hockings explained: “The sector is changing as telecom networks are being upgraded from analogue to digital, which has a massive impact on many industries. This transition means that a lot of monitoring centres which can only handle analogue calls are faced with a significant challenge, so we’re developing an innovative digital proposition from the Bracknell office to replace our current award winning software platform.”



Appello’s aim is that the technology will also support the sectors vision to integrate technologies to enable social care, NHS and housing to communicate efficiently, which will further support more people  to live safely and independently.

Chris Hine, Head of Development, Appello, said: “The Bracknell office is the  ideal environment for us to bring our tech developers together in a geographical location that’s easily accessible by road and rail. It also offers us the flexibility of meeting rooms and equipment as and when we need it. The working environment is really inspiring, as it’s open and spacious and has great views of the forest and birds, located on the 12th floor, we sometimes feel like we’re birdwatching, but in all seriousness, when you’re looking to solve problems and think outside the box at pace, the environment really matters and there’s a real positivity in the whole building.”

It's only since 2015 that Appello have shifted from being purely a third-party seller to developing their own functional equipment and the applications behind it. It was only through seeing that other providers equipment wasn’t fit for purpose that they decided to develop their own, and haven’t looked back. They now take the most calls and have installed the most systems than any other telecare provider in the UK.

Iain Hockings added: “We’re really excited about what the future will bring and the impact our new technology can have on the sector and ultimately people’s lives.”

For more information on Appello visit their  website


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